The Program

The Selinsgrove Intermediate Basketball Program is built around teaching young students skills that will help them to develop towards adulthood while having an enjoyable, extra-curricular activity to participate in.

Once a student applied for the team, they meet at the Intermediate School on the date below to be evaluated “if chosen, the student will start regular training throughout the season. Training information and scheduling will be provided to the student and their parents after joining the team.


  1. To aid in physical development through fun and exercise.
  2. To teach the basic fundamental skills of the game of basketball.
  3. To aid in social development through good sportsmanship and moral character with adult guidance.
  4. To teach good attitudes and discipline to our youth participants.
  5. Learn and apply the rules of the game of basketball.

Games are held at the Selinsgrove Area Middle School gym, located on 401 North 18th Street.

For a copy of the game day rules, download here.